We’re working on Viral Videos and supporting native videos. The Facebook Developer API hasn’t been fully updated yet to provide a native experience so we have some dependencies. We are similarly aware of the increase in video content and doing what we can to make it happen. We don’t have a release date firmed up yet but will keep you posted.

All our plans do include beta support for publishing/ re-sharing Facebook Videos and GIFs. Keep in mind that support for GIFs is pretty limited at present but will improve soon. If you add a Facebook Page to Post Planner that’s shared this content and you can view that GIF within the Post Planner app - you should be able to post it as well.

For now, you are able to upload videos and have them processed natively for posts you create. 

You can also add videos to your plan. The following posts will go into the Videos time slot:

  • YouTube/ Vimeo links 
  • Facebook video links 
  • Uploaded videos 

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