Having trouble uploading video content into Post Planner? Here's an easy way to open the composer, find your video content, and add it to your plan!

First, navigate to the composer. You'll find the composer at the top of the app in the Find and Post section. Once there, you'll see a video icon that you can click on to add your video.

4 Steps to Upload Video Content

  • Open the composer
  • Click the video icon
  • Find your video
  • Add it, share now, or schedule your video!

Post Planner does not have an inline/ automatic video optimization tool at this time. Most standard web optimized formats such .mp4, .avi will work but must be optimized to less than 200mb in size.

You'll need to optimize larger videos using a tool like Handbrake or Video Smaller before uploading. When doing so, we recommend selecting the "Web Optimized" and "iPod 5G" support options in Handbrake or "Use low compression level (best quality)" in Video Smaller. 

This maintains a viewable quality of the video but greatly reduces the size.

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