How to pause your posts

To pause your posts, go to PLAN.

Select the plan you want to pause posts for.

NOTE: if you choose the Main Plan, posts for all profiles using the Main Plan will be paused too.

Once the plan is showing, click on each day to deactivate it. The day will go from green to gray in color, like this:

Notice that the "day group" above goes from "WEEKDAYS" all the way to "NEVER".

One last thing: if you have different day groups for the plan (WEEKDAYS and WEEKENDS, for example) you will need to select them one at a time and do the above process for each and all if you want to pause all posts.

IMPORTANT: the above method of pausing posts will not pause your "scheduled posts". Remember, scheduled posts do not post according to the times in your plan. They were scheduled by you for specific days and times via the "Schedule Post" option in the composer. For scheduled posts, you will need to edit the posting time/date (by clicking the "Edit Post" option on the post in POST) to make sure the posts don't publish while you pause your planned posts.

How to delete all posts

To delete all posts, go to POST.

Select the profile or set of profiles that you want to delete posts for.

Then click the bulk checkbox and select "Delete all":

You'll get a notification when the posts are deleted.

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