There are a variety of reasons why your posts are failing. You can find out what that reason is within your account to avoid any further failures.

To do this, navigate to the POST section of the app and then click on the triangle hazard icon.

Click that icon to see all failed posts for each of your connected social profiles.

You can also go directly to your failed post section by following this link 

Once you're on Failed Post screen, choose the Profile / Page / Group from the left green panel to see failed posts for that specific account.

Then click on any of the failed posts to see the reason for the failure. This is in Purple and will give instruction on why it failed.

Failed Post Errors

There are many reasons a post might fail. To resolve the issue, read through the instruction to fix the problem.  

  • Error validating access token: you have a team member that scheduled content that's no longer authorized in the app to schedule. You'll need to copy/paste the content back into the composer and reschedule using your account.
  • #200 Insufficient permission to post to target on behalf of the viewer: you receive this error while trying to post to a Facebook Group. The reason for this is that you didn't select "Public" for post visibility when giving permission to the app. To fix this, reinstall the app, and make sure you choose "Public" for post visibility.

Rescheduling Content

Once you've identified the issue, you can choose to reschedule that content or post it now.

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