There can be concerns when it comes to sharing other people's content. At Post Planner, we want to ensure you understand:

  • Best practices
  • How-to's

Let's review the two ways you can use Post Planner:

  1. Add your content and allow our scoring engine to review. 

We'll run it through our algorithm and apply our 5-star rating. This is how you'll make educated decisions on the popularity and predictability of that content. 

For example, you can begin to share content that's already performed well to Facebook and Twitter, making sure you're keeping evergreen content in front of a whole new audience.

   2. Use Post Planner to share other people's content. 

You can do this by adding your favorite sources (e.g Facebook Page or URL of your favorite blog) to Post Planner so it runs through our 5-star rating system.  

When you share proven content, you have the power of science behind it. Now you can cherry-pick the top rated content. 

We recommend 4 stars & above! Just choose the best photos and articles, then add them to the composer to create your posts and tweets.

Best practices:

  • Always give attribution to the original source
  • Tag the person or page
  • Keep content aligned with your audience
  • Never share and present someone else's content as your own

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