You can add your Pinterest RSS Feed or connect your boards, but cannot currently connect your Pinterest account for automated posting or scheduling. 

Steps to Add Pinterest Profiles or Boards

Pinterest Profile (Account) RSS Feed

You’ll find your User RSS feed by entering your Pinterest URL, and adding /feed.rss to the end of the URL. Examples:

Here's the Pinterest URL for Post Planner. 

Here's an example of the Pinterest feed URL for Post Planner:

To get your Pinterest User feed, just replace postplanner in the URL above with your Pinterest username.

Pinterest Board RSS Feeds

You’ll find your Board RSS feeds by entering your Pinterest Board URL and adding .rss to the end of the URL.

Here's the Pinterest board for the Post Planner blog

Here's the RSS feed for the board:

Add Your RSS Feeds to Post Planner 

Once you have your feeds, you'll add them to Post Planner.

  • Paste your URL into the Find search bar
  • Click Save to add your RSS Feed to the "My Content" section of the app
  • Create a folder to consolidate similar content in one easy to find location
    Hope this helps!

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