Want a simple way to post to your social media networks? Add your social media profile to Post Planner.

How to Add a Social Media Profile

Access Settings

  • Click the Cog (Gear) icon at the bottom left of the sidebar menu.
  • Choose "Social Networks"
  • Click "Connect" to authorize Facebook and login to Twitter¬†

Steps to Connect and Activate Facebook

Your personal Facebook Profile is active by default. You can change that any time.
You can activate any Pages or Groups you Administer too. Just click the avatar to turn on or off.

Steps to Connect & Activate Twitter

  1. Click the Connect button. A popup window will appear for you to Login to Twitter and authorize Post Planner.
  2. Repeat the process to add more than one Twitter account you manage.

You've successfully added your social media profiles!

Your Account Profile Summary

This summary shows your account details, including profile limit and the number of profiles you've connected.

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