When you schedule content in Post Planner, you'll find it under Post and the Planned tab.

To see your scheduled posts simply click on the "Post" icon on the left sidebar while in the app.

Here you can click on individual account avatars to see the posts scheduled for that page or profile.

When you first land on the "Posts" page you'll see the posts from the accounts you have selected as your "Defaults" in Settings.

Need a quick overview? Watch this video:

Your Next Steps

Go to the POST section in your Post Planner app:

  • Click on "Planned"
  • Hover over your first planned post
  • Choose "edit" to see how you can edit the description, links or hashtags within the post
  • Click "done"

You've found your scheduled content and successfully edited a post! 

In-App Tutorial

Need more help? To walk through this process in the Post Planner app, click here and follow the steps.

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