Why you don't want to automate your social media content curation.

If you've wondered how to automatically sort through your content and post it to social media, there's a couple reasons why you don't want to do this.

While it's something we considered adding to Post Planner in the past, our research indicates that auto-scheduling content directly from a library of content is in violation of our platform partners' policies. 

For reference, here's an excerpt from Facebook's Platform Policy:

Don't prefill captions, comments, messages, or the user message parameter of posts with content a person or business didn’t create, even if the person can edit or remove the content before sharing. You may use our Share Dialogs to prefill a single hashtag in a post, but don't prefill any content a person or business didn't create via the API.

The last sentence is more important than it seems and is reflected throughout the API as it pertains specifically to the use case above. We know there are other apps that do this - they probably shouldn't and won't in the future. 

We also found that such automation when tested gets far less engagement than personalized posts.

This speaks to the true nature of social media and the reason we built Post Planner. 

When you take the time to find content specific to the needs of your audience and hand curate it into your social media Plan, you're ensuring it's the right content for your fans and followers.

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