We're often asked why we don't support other social networks - such as LinkedIn or Google +. The answer comes down to focus.

We built Post Planner iteratively as we used it to grow our own business to a community of over 200,000 users over 5 years. As a bootstrapped startup we didn't have the luxury of huge budgets to be spent on advertising. So, organic growth was a must.

We realized that the vast majority of our customers originated from two channels:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter

So to maintain our focus and incorporate a proven strategy within our app's workflow we've stuck to that. Posting to 29 different social networks sounds really cool and often marketers do have a business case for doing so. For us it boils down to this:

All marketing efforts are ultimately about ROI. Online we refer to that as conversions. Post Planner is built to help marketers get more engagement, driving more clicks to your products and services, so that you get more conversions.


Our research continues to indicate that the vast majority of social conversions originate on Facebook. More than 85% to be precise. So we continue to focus on Facebook as the primary platform we support. Then Twitter.

We'll be adding support in the near future for:

  • Instagram Business Pages
  • Pinterest Profiles and Business Pages
  • LinkedIn Profiles and Companies

We don't have a precise date for these updates but will let our community know when they're released.

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