Interested in getting started with Post Planner? We have the social media plan that's right for you.

Whether you're a small business owner, entrepreneur or social media marketer, choose from plans that offer the right solution for your particular needs.

Post Planner Pricing and Plans

Starter Annual $36 ($3 per month billed annually only)
Love Monthly is $12 (month to month)
Love Annual is $108 ($9 per month)
Guru Monthly is $24 (month to month)
Guru Annual is $228 ($19 per month)
Master Monthly is $59 (month to month)
Master Annual is $588 ($49 per month)
Agency Monthly is $139 (month to month)
Agency Annual is $1188 ($99 per month)
Venture Monthly is $299 (month to month)
Venture Annual is $2,388 ($199 per month)

Each annual plan offers a discount if you choose annual over monthly. 

For example, monthly on Love is $11 per month / $9 if paid annually. That's $132 vs. $108. In other words, a $24 savings or the equivalent of 3.5 months free when you pay annually.

Here's a link to the Pricing Page.

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