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Welcome to Post Planner! 

Keeping up with the never-ending social media content machine is time-consuming. But now that you’re a part of the Post Planner community, you can:

  • Find
  • Plan
  • Post

... Scientifically proven content without the hassle and stress of scouring the web.

So let's get you rolling in 3 easy steps!

How to Find Content

Ever wish you had access to today's most popular content on the web? You do and it's right at your fingertips!

Go to Find (magnifying glass icon) in the left menu and choose any of the folders in our Popular section. Hover over the photo or article to drop it right into the composer.

Once it's in the composer, add text, and click "Add to Plan." Want to see where your content ends up? Keep reading!

How to Plan Content

Next you'll choose Plan (calendar icon) from the left menu. Here you can set posting times for your social profiles. 

Choose your times to post (you can edit the default schedule), then set what type of post will go out at that specific time. Don't forget to mix it up!

How to Post Content

Now go to Post (pencil icon) from the left menu. Here you can see all social media posts ready to go out, plus anything you've posted.

From here you can move, edit or delete any post.

Awesome! Now you know how to Find, Plan, and Post content in Post Planner. So simple, right? 😊

P.S. If you want to keep learning or need more detailed instruction, take a look at our Find, Plan, Post - Quick Start Guide in the Help Center.

P.P.S. If you love to watch video tutorials as much as we do, check these out!

How to Find Content

How to Plan Content

How to Post Content

Additional Resources

In-App Tutorial

Need more help? To walk through this process in the Post Planner app, click here and follow the steps.

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