Want to increase awareness around your business?

You can do that with the help of a sharebar that appears at the top of every piece of content you share.

Here’s a short video on how to set it up within Post Planner. Take a peek, and if you still have questions when done watching, make sure to scroll down for more instructions!

STEP 1: Click Setting gear and choose Sharebar 

STEP 2: Customize your Sharebar settings 

STEP 3: Choose your subdomain carefully

  • It can only be set once
  • It will show in Facebook link stories

STEP 4: To add your Sharebar to all articles you share, click the “Activate for all links” checkbox 

STEP 5: To complete setup, add your branding, social buttons and text ad info 

STEP 6: Click “Save” 

  • You can preview your sharebar by clicking “Preview My Sharebar” 
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