Want to check up on your scheduled posts? Need to make sure everything is correct and going out at the right time?

No problem - look inside your planned posts. Here’s a short video on how to do that.

Take a peek, and if you still have questions when done watching, make sure to scroll down for more instructions!

Open up your planned posts

STEP 1: Click on Post

STEP 2: Make sure that "Planned" is selected (not Posted) 

Expand view of posts

STEP 1: Hover over your post

STEP 2: Click anywhere except the purple editing panel 

Filter posts by page or list

STEP 1: Click on profile thumbnails in left panel, using these click actions:

  • Single-click to select one profile exclusively
  • Double-click to select additional profiles
  • Triple-click to select all profiles 

STEP 2: For Lists, click the “Select a List” dropdown menu 

Here's a quick video on filtering planned posts by profile.

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