To connect a Facebook Page or Group or to authorize a Twitter account, follow the steps below.

Then watch the video tutorial for a quick overview.

STEP 1: Go to: Settings > Social Networks

  • Click the Cog (Gear) icon at the bottom left of the sidebar menu
  • Choose Social Networks or click here.

STEP 2: View your account profile summary

  • This summary shows your account details, including profile limit and the number of profiles you've connected. 

STEP 3: Connect & Activate Facebook

  • Your personal Facebook Profile is active by default, but you can change that any time.
  • To activate any Pages or Groups you Administer, hover over and click the avatar to turn on or off. 
  • Lit up=active. Grey=inactive 

STEP 4: Connect & Activate Twitter

  • Click the Connect button. A popup window will appear for you to Login to Twitter and authorize Post Planner.
  • Repeat the process to add more than one Twitter account you manage. 

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